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2003-Jul-31, 09:44 PM
Hi Everyone :D


I was at a Garage Sale last weekend and I purchased a book of Space Exploration from 1968. They actually had a picture of Saturn with Auroras on both the North and South Poles.

Does this mean that ALL planets can also produce the Auroras? Does it mean Saturn has a similar atmosphere type that we do?

Would this indicate that there are similarities between Earth, Saturn and the other planets that also (Uranus which also has Auroras) can produce Auroras?

By the way, does anyone know when the first animal was sent to space and what it was, and also what other types of animals have gone and who was the first to send an animal to space?

I LOVE MY NEW/OLD BOOK&#33; Im like a blonde encyclopedia&#33; (up to 1968 anyway) Yes I know its 2003 <_<

PS: the methods back in the 1960&#39;s were barbaric in preparing people for space&#33;

2003-Jul-31, 11:21 PM
Other planets have aurorae too.

Here&#39;s a great link for you:

2003-Aug-01, 12:20 AM
Hi Stephanie,

As far as I know the first animal in space was Laika on Sputnik 2 put up there by the Russians while the US was still trying to get a rocket more than 10meters off the ground without it exploding. That was in 1957. Unfortunately, Laika was killed in the flight when the cabin overheated as it approached re-entry. Other than that, the USAians sent chimps up there and both have sent humans. Also there have been rats and mice etc ... one which experiemtns have been done.

...That is the downside of space exploration.

2003-Aug-01, 05:58 PM
Hey Josh ;)

You are correct about Lakita. They actually knew she would die when they sent her up.

March, 1961 was the first time there was a successful recovery of an animal sent to space.

I have an ex husband they could have put in place of Lakita&#33;&#33; :D

2003-Aug-05, 01:06 AM
Now now, let&#39;s keep our ex-s out of it. Otherwise we could get off the subject, for I&#39;m sure everyone has a story about an ex.