View Full Version : Discussion: Palomar Begins a New Sky Survey

2003-Jul-31, 10:34 PM
SUMMARY: The Palomar Observatory has begun a new survey of the sky, and will explore the Universe from our solar system out to distant quasars, 10 billion light-years away. The survey will be done with the refurbished 48-inch Oschin telescope with a newly attached digital CCD camera - the largest ever built with 112 separate detectors. The researchers plan to publish images gathered by the telescope onto the web so that other astronomers can search the data for near-earth asteroids, Kuiper Belt objects, supernovae and other objects.

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2003-Aug-01, 05:13 AM
I can't wait to have a look at its new images.
BTW I've written an article about it. Check it out at :P Everything-Space (http://www.everything-space.com).