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2003-Aug-04, 05:44 PM
SUMMARY: A team of astronomers from Ohio State University believe that we should be seeking life on a wider range of planets than previously speculated. The calculated that NASA's upcoming Space Interferometry Mission (SIM) should be able to detect habitable planets near stars which are much larger than the Sun. This opens up a whole new range of planets to look at. SIM was originally supposed to launch in 2009, but NASA is considering whether to use these funds to maintain Hubble past 2010 instead.

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2003-Aug-04, 08:23 PM
This could be a smoking gun. If the dust debris increases the overall pressures on bodies in the OOrt cloud increase, increasing the potentiality of their sweeping sunward. Increases here increase the possibility of collisions with earth and other planets, perhaps leading to a basis for the periodic mass extinctions exhibited on this planet.
There have been theories of other sources but no common source for repeat mass extinctions.