View Full Version : Discussion: Three Gorges Dam Seen From Above

2003-Aug-04, 06:55 PM
SUMMARY: China's Three Gorges Dam was recently photographed from above by the European Space Agency's CHRIS instrument on the Proba satellite. Since the sluice gates were closed in June, the water levels have risen 135 metres, and the dam will begin generating its first commercial electricity in August. More than 600,000 people were forced to abandon their homes, and the same number again will have to leave before the waters reach their planned 175 metre depth.

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Bob Black
2003-Aug-04, 07:09 PM
Another supreme triumph or tragedy for the Chinese people.
A monumental project, but at what cost. Thousands of displaced
people, centuries of ruins and temples buried under tons of water.
And the future projection that the normal silt flow of the river will
eventually start backing up from the dam, and who knows what
that will bring in the future. Considering the river is China's lifeline
North and South, I hope this tremendous undertaking will win out
in the end.