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2003-Aug-05, 06:52 PM
SUMMARY: Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko is going ahead with his plans to marry his fiancÚ from space on August 10, despite protests from the Russian Aerospace Agency. Malenchenko will be represented at the wedding by a lawyer, and he'll call in from the station during a special time when the astronauts are allowed to call their families. Astronaut Ed Lu quietly arranged to have his tailcoat and ring sent up on a recent Progress cargo ship.

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philip slater
2003-Aug-06, 12:00 AM
One of the most useful spin-off benefits for what Douglas Adams called the ape-descended creatures from learning how to do space is that it is very challenging and we will therefore be forced to learn to think more and better.

For example, every day everyone involved with space, whether they are involved with responsibility for NASA flight safety or working as a contributor to an Independent Space Sector message board is confronted by the need to make a decision on whether to it is time to lighten up or tighten up. Being too uptight can be almost as disaster-generative as being too loose, relaxed, sloppy, soppy or otherwise self-indulgent.

On most days it doesn’t matter which way the decision is made, it can always be subject to a course correction twenty-four hours later. But it is of vital importance that the decision is made. The one thing that doesn't work is fudging things in space related activities.

Go check this item at news source. Unbelievable. And very worrisome. Has the Russian Space Agency lost the capacity for making decisive decisions? It has the clear choice. Either lighten up or tighten up. And whichever you decide, do it with conviction.

Gorbunov said the agency's chief, Yuri Koptev, had received an invitation to the wedding from Malenchenko's American bride, Ekaterina Dmitriev, who lives in Texas. He said Koptev was not planning to attend the reception, which is to be held at a Houston restaurant.........

On Tuesday, Gorbunov said the space agency was not going to argue with Malenchenko any more.

"He wants it, and he will have it — that's his problem," Gorbunov told The Associated Press.

That sort of attitude is just not good enough. The Russian Aerospace Agency has got to decide to play this one way or the other. It can mobilise all the forces at its command to bring pressure on the Texan authorities to stop the wedding somehow or it can appoint someone to buy a halfways decent wedding present and get it to Houston on time. There is no middle way. Not with weddings. Allowing it to happen and then being grouchy about it just isn't an option. Not if we are going to believe the stuff about international fraternal co-operation in space between freedom and wedding-loving peoples around the world. Let's just be relieved that Ed Lu has remembered the ring and his tailcoat and hope that the couple are soon and safely re-united to begin the really challenging part of their lives and, of course, to live happily ever after.

Congratulations Yuri. Enjoy the day. Live long and prosper.


2003-Aug-06, 06:36 AM
Absolutely right on. It, about time that we begin to humanize the whole world od science. Congatulation to both of them and best wishesfor a long and happy future for them and the ongoing space program Advise to the Russian space Agency, relax ,hang loose and enjoy life

mnc1916 .

2003-Aug-06, 06:42 AM
Frankly, I'm amazed that the RSA isn't embracing this for the publicity they could enjoy. Just think of all the touching stories that could be written if they endorsed the wedding, and even snuck up some stuff onto the station to celebrate it.

Pretty shortsighted if you ask me.