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2003-Aug-05, 09:17 PM
Thanks to our noble leader, the topic of Amateur Rocketry has arisen. As a source of early interest in the sciences for hundreds of thousands of individulas, it is now threatened by new laws purporting to quell terrorism.

One prominent congress person said on the floor of congress "I think it is a bad idea to allow ready access to explosives of this nature." (my italics) in referring to MODEL ROCKETS!

Another reference was made as to how they could be used to destroy targets at a distance. As an amateur (then professionsl) since 1944, I can say with some certainty that a model or amateur rocket could not hit ten barns, much less one at any distance.

The threat is greatly exaggerated and the impact on our already depleted pool of young scientists will be profound.

Although one can certainly BECOME a scientist, it is a far better route to have BEEN a scientist since an early age.

Any thoughts?

2003-Aug-05, 11:49 PM
That's pretty sad. Can you find some more details about this? I'd be happy to point people towards a petition to sign if need be.

2003-Aug-06, 08:15 PM
There's a host of information here;

Amateur Rocketry Society of America (http://www.space-rockets.com/arsanews.html)

including an FAQ on the Homeland Security Act implications here;

How The Homeland Security Act Affects You! (http://www.space-rockets.com/homeland.html)


2003-Aug-06, 09:38 PM
Model rocketry is a whole lotta fun. My brothers and I used to do it a lot when we were kids. Not only is the launching and subsequent retrieval great fun, but building the rockets from kits and eventually learning to design and build your own is a terrific way of increasing knowledge about aerodynamics, thrust, etc. It's also a good family oriented hobby. Here's another site of a company that we used to get supplies from back in the 70's.


Too bad about the governments forthcoming restrictions. Let's hope they don't pass.

2003-Aug-06, 09:40 PM
Oh, by the way, here's the link to apogee. I didn't see you list it.


2003-Aug-07, 12:42 AM
For more information on the problems facing model rocketry, high power rocketry especially, visit www.rocketryonline.com and on the left side click on RMR Newsgroup" under "Elsewhere".

For general information, the BAFTE has listed the fuel for high power rockets as an explosive and as such is trying to write rules that are so restrictive as kill high power as we know it now. Some of the requirments to get a permit will be a background check, fingerprinting, photo, waiver of the rights of search (BAFTE will be able to search your entire house, garage, and land at any time for any reason without a warrant) and a BIG increase in fees for this permit.

Please help us model rocketeers save this great hobby.

Thank you in advance.

Karl Perry
Queen City Area Rocket Klub
National Association of Rocketry