View Full Version : Space station location announcements

2003-Aug-08, 01:21 PM
Here is a web address that you can log on to and get announcements from NASA of when the Space Station and other satellites will fly over your area.


I just get the ISS announcement myself and it has helped me see it go over.

2003-Aug-08, 09:08 PM
That's a great site. I was looking at it on a whim a couple of days ago to see when ISS was going overhead. The website essentially said, right now, so I went outside and there it was. :-)

2003-Aug-11, 03:20 AM
Of course, don't forget www.heavens-above.com, they won't e-mail you a notice. However, they have great maps for passes AND very accurate Iridium flares--a real kick to know at a star party. You can make a star explode for the unsuspecting stargazers!

2003-Aug-11, 06:30 AM
I like the heavens above site, although it's been a while since I've been on it.