View Full Version : Ultrasound - IT'S A BOY!

2003-Aug-15, 02:27 PM
Frasier, I just wanted to congratulate you on your new arrival! A baby BOY! Boys are just great! Just for fun I'm going to suggest a great name for your little one.

My suggestion: Connor (with an "or" on the end). It's a great name! Not only is it my maiden name but it's also my 10 year old son's first name. He's a great little guy!

Connor Cain. Sounds good to me! ;)

2003-Aug-15, 08:08 PM
You know, I've been a Licensed Nurse for about 10 years now. Anyway, I still can't read those stupid ultrasounds to save my life, :) and I have been involved in about 150 births. But, CONGRATULATIONS!!! anyway. there is no equivalent than to bring a child into being.

Hey, this kid might just very well be the future first man to set foot on Mars!!!



2003-Aug-18, 03:01 AM
Ditto!! Congratulations Fraser - I hope everything goes well!!

Keep us posted! :D


2005-Oct-21, 09:12 AM
He must have just celebrated his 2nd birthday recently, what was the name you eventually settled upon Fraser? Simba perhaps?, for he is a Leo!