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2003-Aug-20, 04:35 PM
SUMMARY: The director of NASA's Langley Research Center, Roy Bridges, says that the new Engineering and Safety Center is on track to be ready for operations on October 1, 2003. This independent centre will perform engineering assessment and testing on various NASA programs, and give employees a way to air their concerns without fear for their jobs. Staff at Langley expressed concerns that falling foam might be a risk to Columbia, but they were assured by the Johnson Space Center that the shuttle was fine - the shuttle was destroyed on re-entry killing all seven astronauts on board.

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2003-Aug-21, 03:10 PM
What it would be interesting to know is why NASA didn't use in Challenger's case tested methods, already used for years. Like for instance transforming the whole control-cabin in an independent capsule, with a jet-and-parachute landing system, that could be detached and become an independent unit if things were getting real bad.
EVen more, the Space Shuttle, has such a device (salvage capsule)available on board, presumably not from the control room, however. This coupled with the colossal blunder of not taking the trouble to check the heat-shield FOR 16 DAYS ! time during which the Shuttle was docked at the International Space Station, raises the stringent necessity for NASA of recruiting personnel, meaning knowledgeable people who's entusiasm helps them keep their eyes open.
Like me, for instance :). You got a direct line with NASA, tell them to hurry, I'm more and more tempted by oceanography...
Force be with you !