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2003-Aug-22, 04:36 PM
SUMMARY: Since it arrived at Mars in 1997, the Mars Global Surveyor has been searching the surface of the Red Planet for carbonate minerals. Large quantities of this substance would be evidence that the planet was once warm and wet, with large oceans and seas on the surface. Surveyor has found trace quantities of the mineral spread evenly in the dust of the planet, but no deposits, indicating that the planet was probably always icy and cold.

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2003-Aug-22, 06:08 PM
Hi everyone.

Think about the dust storms and everything else that goes on on that planet. Couldn't the dust storms have covered large deposits of the minerals? What's the quantity of the stuff they found? Could the minerals be remains of underground water wells?
I really believe there were large amounts of water, and the idea that dust storms covered large areas of the minerals leaving only small traces of them makes you think, doesn't it?


2003-Aug-24, 03:05 PM
I also subscribe to the dust theory. Until we have hard analysis of the polar "ICE" caps and it's chemical and physical properties, we as always have only conjecture and educated guesswork.

2003-Aug-29, 05:37 AM
I think the instrument on board MGS is able to peer through the dust, down to a depth of perhaps 3 meters. The evidence doesn't say there was no water, just that the water was not around in liquid form for any appreciable length of time.