View Full Version : Got a new scope...

2003-Aug-26, 01:15 AM
I got This. (http://www.telescope.com/shopping/product/detailmain.jsp?itemID=5153&itemType=PRODUCT&iMainCat=4&iSubCat=13&iProductID=5153) What do you all think??? is it good enough???? I am new to telescopes...Its cool but just need an opinion on it. What kinda of lenses d oyou recommend?? I have a 25mm and a 10mm that came with it.

2003-Aug-26, 01:26 AM
Thats a nice one!
Have fun!

I bought a telescope once and cleaned the lenses with ordinary eyeglass cleaner and ruined the eyepiece coatings!

Follow manufacturers suggestions and avoid the pain!

2003-Aug-27, 01:49 AM
Well, thanks.....I Just went outside before the clouds rolled in and saw the polar cap on mars......