View Full Version : Discussion: Cloudless Europe Seen From Space

2003-Aug-26, 08:01 PM
SUMMARY: As the weather is starting to cool in Europe after a particularly hot summer, the European Space Agency snapped this picture of the continent with pretty much cloudless skies. The composite image was built up from a series of pictures snapped by the ESA's Meteosat Second Generation 1 (MSG-1). The satellite was launched almost exactly a year ago and is positioned above Europe in geostationary orbit.

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2003-Aug-27, 01:51 AM
It's a very beautiful image, very detailed too :)

I did notice though that the one place in Europe with cloud was bloody England! LOL :rolleyes:

2003-Aug-27, 02:28 AM
Yeah, that cracked me up when I saw it. :-)

2003-Aug-27, 03:14 PM
Hehe that cracked me up too! :lol: Beautiful picture tho!

2003-Aug-28, 01:36 AM

Beautiful picture...and the only TWO places with clouds are England and Finland :P

(we have always had a saying in Finland, "we live in the small corner of europe" so true)