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2003-Aug-28, 09:54 PM
SUMMARY: The spectre of global warming and rising ocean levels have been a concern for many years, but NASA has some real numbers to help measure the situation. According to the Topex/Poseidon and Jason satellites, sea levels have been rising an average of 2.8 millimetres a year since observations began in 1992. Whether rising sea levels are caused by human impact or a natural cycle still isn't clear, but the impact is already being felt in coastal communities around the world with water inundating low-level areas and an increased rate of beach erosion.

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2003-Aug-29, 06:30 PM
If Topex/Posidon was never expected to make precision measurements down to the millimeter then we should probably take thes findings with a grain of salt. At least until this new satallite is launched. On the other hand, with the erosion that is going on and since we do have "information" that the seas are rising, shouldn't we try to curtail some of the expulsion of greenhouse gasses? To me it's kind of like playing Russian Roulette(sp) in that why wait to see if our present info is correct. By then the damage could be irreparable. :unsure:

Just a thought.


2003-Sep-07, 08:49 PM
yes, and...? what has this to do with the Venusian myth of global warming?

Our world has cycles within cycles within cycles. One of these cycles is the ebb and flow of the coastlines, which appears to be a 500-1000 year cycle, since 3,000 bc they have been 300 feet lower, they have been 300 feet higher. in hte 1800s we were at the zero level, on the rise after coming out of the ebb.
Just as our global temperature is 3 lower than it was in 1000 AD (and Greenland was probably very green at that time), so we have yet to reach the highest level of our coastlines. Complicating this is the fact taht the continents are still rising, and the atlantic depressing from the last ice age (recovery mode is all), and there is evidence that we are constantly being bomboarded by micrometerities of ice (hotly contested and denied by the establishment). Before we cy hysteria, we need ot take all these cycles into account, and speak to those who feel they can flaunt nature by builting right on the edge of the water (or for that matter at the zero point of an faultline, as one American mall is - they had to fill out reams of paperwork proving the fault was dead before given permission, and they are undoubtably carrying earthquak insurance)
please, give us facts, not media induced hysteria.
The fact in this stroy is the ocean is rising, the coastal cities will be flooded. But in time they will also dry back out and gain several miles.
And no, I don't remember the name of the reference that gave the millenial tidal tables - they were determined by archeological evidence. :unsure: