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2003-Aug-30, 01:35 AM
Hello all,
I've recently purchased a used but nice 8" Meade Telescope, and have thoroughly enjoyed checking out Mars, and the moon. Now I want to see EVERYTHING. Well at least the rest of the solar system. My question to the board is, what would be the best way to learn how to identify the the planets or anything else of interest? Would there be a good book, star chart, or even a website that would be geared towards beginners like myself? I would appreciate any help. Very nice website btw.

Thanks, JeanLuc

2003-Aug-30, 02:42 PM
Hello JeanLuc,
There are many good books to be bought but one I enjoyed a lot is 40 nights to knowing the sky by Fred Schaaf. A good site to check out is skymaps.com, they have a great selection of starcharts, planispheres and astronomy books etc on their site.
They do not sell them but have a link to the actual stores.

Best regards,


2003-Aug-31, 01:30 AM
Here is a website that I use just about weekly to get an idea what is out there.


Good Luck!