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2003-Aug-30, 07:09 AM
Hello to all,
I would like to get an idea as to:

1. How many people think the universe simply exists with
no beginning?

2. How many think it had a beginning?

(let's assume that our universe is the only one,for

2003-Aug-30, 07:32 AM
Mmmm, hard question Moonwalk, because its quite likely that unless one day we discover the existence of other universes, the actual cause behind the creation of our own universe will remain just one of those many theories in that big bin of spent theories; you know – the ones that say the universe originally came from something the size of a planet, an orange, or virtually nothing.

That our universe is expanding gives evidence of the big bang, BUT, it does not seem to have a definite center. NASA has often stated –that no matter where they point their telescopes the universe looks very much the same – very uniform.

Problem is; when you have so little evidence to go on – it’s all theory.

I will be interested to see where this post goes, because I find the concept of a single universe created out of practically nothing hard to swallow.
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