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2003-Sep-02, 06:03 PM
SUMMARY: Scientists have believed that the tilt of the Earth's axis is very important to supporting life on our planet, but a new simulation from Pennsylvania State University seems to indicate that life could arise on our planet, even if it was severely tilted. Even when the planet was tilted past its current 23 degrees to 54, 70 and 85 degrees, global climate, rainfall, snow and ice cover closely matched today's climate. Only when there was no tilt did the simulation predict a colder world than we have - but still largely habitable.

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2003-Sep-03, 07:09 PM

I thought the issue was not the angle of tilt but the STABILITY of the axial tilt.
Significant changes in axial tilt cause changes in polar and equatorial insolation, resulting in climactic change..its the rate of change that causes the damage.



2003-Sep-04, 02:53 AM
Hmmmm... interesting... can someone please explain why no tilt would produce a colder environment?

2003-Sep-04, 03:45 AM
According to the research...

"The only planets colder than todayís Earth are those planets simulated with no tilt.

The Varanger simulation, with most land in the southern hemisphere, is the most extreme with 15.6 percent of the surface below 14 degrees Fahrenheit in July and 9.3 percent of the surface above 122 degrees Fahrenheit in January. On average, nearly 28 percent of this planetís land mass is uninhabitable by Earth standards."