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2003-Sep-04, 07:10 PM
SUMMARY: Hi folks, I've made a pretty signicant change to the way Universe Today is structured with this issue. It looks similar at first glance, but instead of only linking to outside press releases, I'm reformating them and incorporating them into Universe Today. I decided to do this after browsing through some of my older archives and I realized how poorly outside websites maintain their older content. A lot of my older links are just dead, which is too bad, because the material is sometimes only a few months old.

I'm still going to link to outside articles as well, such as the first story today, which goes out to Yahoo news. I'll try and figure out a way to distinguish between the two if that's a concern for you. I'm still maintaining a link to the original source at the end of the story, so you can still see the original press release (as long as it lasts).

Let me know what you think. In other news, it looks like the AOL subscribers got the newsletter yesterday after silence for several weeks. I'm not sure how long AOL will let you get this newsletter, so if you stop getting it again, please complain to AOL and demand they let mail from info@universetoday.com through.


Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2003-Sep-05, 06:10 AM
Hi, Frazer, good idea - specially when you are coming back from holidays and then yahoo-links are gone ...

But I think it might be a load of extra work to collect the articles. Well, boy, take a quarter to see, if it is worth.