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2003-Sep-05, 06:51 PM
Wel, I have a Dutch astronomy site. And I search for news on American-sites, like SpaceDaily.com, Space.com, Cnn.com, Nasa.gov, etc. But my favourite is still Universe Today. Clear and direct news. I want to thank the webmaster and I hope he will continue forever.
But also I have a question. A year ago, the site was not so up-to-date. Why was that? :unsure:

2003-Sep-05, 07:23 PM
Thanks a lot. :-)

Yeah, the site wasn't quite so up to date last year for several reasons. We had a young baby that still wasn't quite sleeping through the night; I was working a full-time job at the same time; and frankly, I was a little burned out from maintaining the site for four years.

Back in late May all that cleared up at the same time. My wife's busy season started up (she's a tour guide) which meant I could work less at my regular job. The baby got a lot easier to take care of, and I stopped being burnt out. :-) I've been working pretty hard to get the site back into shape and prepare for our next baby which is going to show up late December.

One commitment I'm going to make is to accept people's help more. :-) I get offers from people all the time to help out with the website, but I haven't really felt that I had things figured out enough to take advantage of other people's assistance. Probably my biggest objective before December is to get that resolved so that the site will keep going, even if I'm feeling overwhelmed. Stay tuned on that front.

Thanks again, it's this kind of feedback that really helps make the whole thing worthwhile.

2003-Sep-07, 12:51 PM
You&#39;re welcome. If you ever need my help, you can count on it. But I don&#39;t think its a good idea, because my English is not that good <_< .

2003-Oct-22, 03:19 AM
like SpaceDaily.com, Space.com, Cnn.com, Nasa.gov, etc. But my favourite is still Universe Today. Clear and direct news

same here :)

I want to thank the webmaster and I hope he will continue forever.

Hear hear&#33;&#33;

In case you hadn&#39;t noticed, I love the forums as well.

If you ever need my help, you can count on it

Me too, my english is OK, my spelling is S**t though :(

Fraser, in regards to an online chat, isn&#39;t that what the ICQ and MSN etc are all about, or is it your intention to add a chat room?

2003-Oct-22, 06:00 AM
Well, it&#39;s not really my intention to add a chatroom any time soon. I think I mentioned this in another forum thread that there&#39;s a certain amount of moderation overhead that I&#39;m not really prepared to invest right now to manage a chat area.

I&#39;ve had a few people suggest it, so I&#39;ll continue to mull over a good solution for it.

Regarding helping Universe Today, the best way to do that is to participate in the forums - welcome newcomers to the forum, answer people&#39;s questions, and generally make this a place that space enthusiasts can call home. If you&#39;re willing to do that, I&#39;m grateful.

2003-Oct-27, 12:54 AM
Have you considered a collaboration with spacedaily on a chat room?

2003-Oct-27, 03:36 AM
The root problem with setting up a chat forum is that it opens you up to liability. The law has shown that the host website can be liable for the things that get said in a forum or in chat software.

I can&#39;t afford the time to police it all the time, so it&#39;s not really worth the potential headaches right now.

2003-Oct-27, 09:01 AM
A forum is easier to manage than a chat room, a forum allows people to look at what everyone else has said on the subject. For a science site a forum should be enough. Many people need to write paragraphs of info down to explain everything. If people began to do that on a chat room, it would become too slow, defeating the whole purpose of a chat room.

Fraser to let people help you with the site you could open up a new forum where people could post links to new space/astrophysics news. So you wouldn&#39;t have to go searching for news all over the net, people would get you the links onto the forum.

2003-Oct-27, 04:11 PM
That&#39;s why I added that "Did Universe Today miss a story" forum, so people could post links to other stories they find interesting. It&#39;s still the website and newsletter that drives traffic to the forum, not the other way around. Eventually the website might be like Slashdot, but that&#39;ll still be years away.

2003-Oct-30, 01:01 AM
Cygos Asteroid Mining (Chat Rooms) (http://www.cygo.com/index.html)

2003-Oct-30, 03:52 AM
Fraser - we love your web site and suffer "withdrawal" if we don&#39;t catch up every day.

Regarding the Forum - great stuff, but I DO wish contributors would be more considerate of other people&#39;s feelings and not get personal.

Thanks a million for all the work you have put in; and congrats with the "nippers". Nothing better than a baby sucking away at your thumb&#33;


2003-Oct-30, 04:48 AM
If someone gets personal, let me know and I&#39;ll yank their post. I&#39;ve got little tolerance for that kind of thing. I&#39;ve got some official rules typed up that I&#39;m going to be posting shortly, but it&#39;s all common sense.

2003-Nov-03, 01:05 AM
Re: Chat room
If anyone has the urge to use a chat room I recommend Cygo&#39;s (http://www.cygo.com/index.html) and have been recommending it. There are two rooms and mostly no one there. I think thats sad. SO if you have the urge or curiosity, you have the address :)

2003-Nov-07, 02:38 AM
I want to thank you for the work you do running this site and for the daily email you send out. This is the best site on the net for astronomers looking for whats happening in our world&#33;&#33;&#33;

You da man&#33;&#33;&#33;

2003-Nov-07, 05:21 AM
Thanks. :-)

2003-Nov-09, 12:01 AM
universe today is going in the right direction&#33; great work fraser

2003-Nov-09, 12:21 AM
just wanted to let everyone know i&#39;m having a great view of the eclipse. here in southwestern ,pennsylvania. it&#39;s 7:21 p.m. here

2003-Dec-19, 03:53 PM
I agree, Fraser and the Moderators (sounds like a rock band&#33;) are doing a great job&#33;

2004-Jan-14, 03:54 AM
Ahh come on, Alice - you&#39;ll give&#39;em swollen heads&#33;

2004-Jan-15, 10:09 AM
and then we&#39;ll have a model for gravitational fields and van allen belts

2004-Feb-06, 11:42 PM
Is that ok to put this forum or this website on the astronomy message board (public board) in my school? :)

2004-Feb-07, 04:28 AM
"Fraser & The Moderators"...hmm...does have a certain ring to it&#33;? Need a manager??

2004-Feb-08, 01:03 AM
nah Faulkner, I think the group is self administrating...:lol:

2004-Feb-09, 06:30 AM
Ah...a "punk rock" band&#33; Fraser with a mohawk?? :wacko:

2004-Feb-09, 10:51 PM
Guys, if you want to have a conversation between the two of you, I highly recommend MSN or Yahoo ;)

2004-Feb-10, 09:01 AM
ummm there are actually 6 of us in here, including yourself and myself...:lol:

2004-Feb-10, 11:55 AM
Yes Dipstick&#39;s right, c&#39;mon guys, we should be discussing the quantum theory of black holes, or something...

2004-Feb-10, 04:18 PM
I don&#39;t mind the conversation at all. It keeps bringing the "Universe Today is really good part" back up to the top of the thread. :-)

2004-Feb-10, 07:27 PM
Quote Faulkner:
"... Dipstick&#39;s right."
:D :D :D :D :D :D

You crack me up Faulkner&#33; :lol:

2004-Feb-10, 09:11 PM
Fraser&#39;s a bit of a comedian himself&#33; :P

2004-Feb-14, 07:56 AM
Yes i fully agree, Fraser and his travelling astronomical slide rule show is classic&#33;

My dad was reading as a guest, and passed on this message &#39;Keep up the good work everyone, I enjoy reading UT&#39;

So there you have it, from a Scottish butcher, how can anyone top that....(go ahead Faulkner, Chook, Tiny, Dippy etc, make my day....:P)

2004-Feb-18, 04:38 PM
Fraser, I love that you give a summary and the option to read more in depth. It makes it easier if you&#39;ve not much time.

The forums are great. It&#39;s nice that no matter what your level of understanding people don&#39;t patronise you and they&#39;re happy to break things down. And yes, there are some funny members out there (you know who you are&#33;).

I only wish I had more time to spend on the site.

Cheers Fraser, and congratulations on the ankle biters&#33; :)

2004-Feb-18, 09:03 PM
Thanks for the kind words. I originally didn&#39;t have content on the website, just the summaries, but it&#39;s kind of stuck. I think people like the format.

2004-Feb-18, 11:10 PM
I absolutely love Universe Today&#33;&#33;&#33; It&#39;s by far the best website on the &#39;net. The forums are my favorite... everyone there is very nice and helpful. Keep up the good work Fraser&#33;

2004-Feb-21, 06:15 AM
You are darn right we like the format, fraser&#33; One of the things I enjoy on this website is how user friendly it is.

2004-Feb-23, 05:04 PM
Yeah, even a techno jinx like me can manage to get around it without breaking anything&#33; :rolleyes:

2004-Feb-24, 06:28 PM
I don&#39;t remember have found messages about recently discovered life bearable planets on Fraser&#39;s site, but it is possible of course there is somewhere a message about planets around Vega with possibility on highly developed intelligence. I heared this on the BBC. I wrote an email to Artemis Westenberg from Marssociety, I told her I thought it was a little bit exagerated because Vega is an A type star and thus too young, because your star needs to be G0 to G2. I haven&#39;t heared since about. If people among you know more about those planets... In the night from 14 on 15 september 2003 if I remember well, we saw with the whole family while we were in a black wood in Wallonia a heavy light flying during a fraction of a second over at least sixty grades in the sky. A meteor got in an orbit or about orbit around the sky, could that be? Or that space plane?
For the first time of my life I also saw the Milky way that night and was very proud that thus you see it even in my flat country, but not in the Netherlands I suppose.
Maybe one day I dwell up all fraser&#39;s website, but what also a very interesting site is, I tell you this although they are my enemies since shortly after Bush came, is ESA&#39;s or the European Space Agency&#39;s site at ESA.int or something like that. You have to take the science compartiment and then you choose your own interesting links. I arrived at the discovery of a planet (maybe its name is Osiris but I&#39;m not sure) There is a planet very near to its sun with oxygene and charbon in its very extended atmosphere. The oxygen is very high in the sky, it &#39;s about 1000C on the surface.
Are there students among you who are preparing for a G0 space flight?
I wonder if Fraser and I didn&#39;t meet earlier on the web than I&#39;m in this forum. It was when I subscribed for spacedaily headlines. I remember him giving the impression still believing in my website. Is that possible.

2004-Feb-29, 04:52 PM
:lol: Yes Fraser, I&#39;ve even fallen in love with it, but I would like to upload my own avatar. It performs the flemish lion flag or does it have to do s.t. with space and astronomy? If it is not good enough I&#39;ll draw it over, even a hundred times cuz I hate using other people&#39;s stuff. Also I admire you for making all those synthesises day in day out for years maybe already. Do you have a position at the government maybe or somewhere else, that you can spend your time so usefull :lol: night afer night?

Sorry for telling you, but the matrix movie&#39;s "wub.gif" official website is really YOU from THE, if needed I give the link, but how can I know from beforehand that you&#39;ll click on it. The day I give feedback on Bush&#39;s site I think I &#39;ll exagerate greatly, cuz you know he still uses :lol: html4.0 :lol: :lol: :lol: whereas I&#39;m at least a little bit further you know. But they :angry: sabotate me always, now I even can&#39;t continue to follow the course that make my sites :rolleyes: looking for pearls but in the future.

2004-Mar-01, 02:15 AM
Patience is a virtue. I have to say U.T. is easy to read and understand without biting my nails trying to figure it out. I certainly give all respect to the hard work that goes into making this quite an open door for all. Thanks again for the insight&#33;&#33;&#33; :) Regards to ALL B)

2004-Mar-16, 11:08 PM
Quote Hoore500: "???"
Please explain :( .

2004-Apr-16, 09:21 PM
How to make it your start page? If this is impossible, don&#39;t force :o yourself, Fraser, then I can take the NASA mars rover student page as such.

2004-Apr-16, 11:41 PM
Originally posted by Hoore500@Apr 16 2004, 05:21 PM
How to make it your start page?
If you want to make this your start page, all you have to do is go up to &#39;Tools&#39; and clink on &#39;Internet Options...&#39; where you just type in the URL under &#39;Home Page&#39;

2004-Apr-18, 08:39 PM
:huh: Thanks Galaxygirl.

2004-Apr-19, 02:16 AM
For real&#33;&#33;&#33; This is a great site, great information and people who are as passionate about astronomy as I am&#33;

2004-Apr-19, 02:51 PM
Cheers. Please stick around&#33;

2004-Apr-19, 05:04 PM
I agree. :D

Fraser Cain performs a great service to the space science community by maintaining this site.

Can we help? :rolleyes:

With kind regards,

Oliver :D

2004-Apr-20, 03:12 PM
Hey Fraser... how&#39;s it hanging?

I like the expert answers you&#39;ve introduced... one of your best laid plans perhaps ;) :P

Algenon the mouse
2004-Apr-21, 04:20 AM
Way to go Fraser&#33; This is a great site to come to&#33;

2004-Apr-21, 04:37 PM
Aww, shucks... group hug. :-)

2004-Apr-21, 05:58 PM
Only if we have a party at your house Fraser&#33;

2004-May-18, 02:32 AM
I&#39;d have to chuck up my airline mileage a bit. ;)

2004-Jun-22, 09:33 PM
You have done a wonderful job with this website.
A few more pictures maybe? Hard to improve upon it.

2004-Jun-23, 09:09 PM
Dear Fraser:

I visit your website 2-3 times daily just for the fun of it. I really like it and especially when u give users challenges like to photograph venus etc.

I like your news. I can say it&#39;s better than space.com.
I think you should have a challenge section and post challenges so people can prepare ahead of time. :D

even if that can&#39;t be done it&#39;s ok this website it is as good as it gets already. I read all the posts here but I just registered because I wanted to give you some feedback on this great website.


2004-Jun-23, 11:34 PM
Many thanks. :-) Better than Space.com? Well, I might have to disagree with you there, that&#39;s a pretty good site. They&#39;ve got a lot of money behind them (&#036;80 million investment), which can go a long way to get the good writers and pretty pictures.

But still, I thank you.

More challenges, eh? Hmmm. I had a lot of fun with that too. I&#39;ll think on it.

2004-Jun-24, 02:32 AM
i&#39;m not saying about the money but they have too many in-page ads that u can&#39;t block. and that&#39;s one annoying thing. and even though it seems like they have better pictures. they might but i like these better :).
anyway this is just my opinion so others including you might disagree. :D ;)

your site is a lot cleaner and loads faster than theirs sometimes their site freezes my internet. :( :angry:

i&#39;m an amateur astronomer (only 7 months in the hobby) but i love challenges because they keep me excited and active in the hobby :)

2004-Jun-24, 03:57 AM
Hi, Kostian&#33;
I looked through your site....very cool&#33; :lol: B)

2004-Jun-24, 04:53 AM
Originally posted by StarLab@Jun 24 2004, 03:57 AM
Hi, Kostian&#33;
I looked through your site....very cool&#33; :lol: B)
i have many pictures yet to be put. just don&#39;t have the time :(

2004-Jun-24, 02:47 PM
how about adding an astrophotography section here where people can post their astrophotos. just a a fresh breakfast thought.