View Full Version : Liars, tricksters, deceivers and cheaters.

2003-Sep-06, 11:31 PM
TO: Astronomers charged with knowing "what's out there."

[How do you talk to people whose job it is to make up stories?]

My web-site, abidemiracles.com, has archived hundreds of photos.

Some of the photos are of UFO's, stationed here and there regularly.

Some of them are of globes or orbs hovering over land occasionally

Some of them are photos of solar anomalies--hundreds of them.

[How do you talk to people who have no respect for the Truth?]

But, Astronomers--from NASA on down--are busy denying,

stacking-the-deck at Forums with debunkers, jokers and shills;

deriding, demeaning, disparaging, degrading and ridiculing

anybody who works at knowing what is really true.

[How do you talk to people who only lie, all the time--for money?]

Today, because clouds covered over the Sun, I could look AT IT,


[you lying, filthy swine] I SAW WITH MY EYES WHAT YOU DENY!!!!

--the SECOND Acculting SUN--the smaller one--to the left and

above our usual Sun--AS MY PHOTOS SHOW. You are lower than low!

I will NEVER believe a single word out of your keyboards again.

Your credibility is ZERO. Deliberate LIES are NOT "SCIENCE."

All the ridicule you heap upon Nancy Leider is just made-up CRAP.

All your sniveling excuses and braying insults are worth nothing.

ASTRONOMY is lost to you; you--collectively--are a bunch of blind

IGNORAMUSES, deserving NOT a single scintilla of respect or regard.

You are not worth knowing, listening to or believing--none of you.

I am ashamed of you ALL.

America doesn't NEED presumed "SCIENTISTS" LIKE YOU!!!!


2003-Sep-06, 11:45 PM
Well, you have the dubious honour of being the first person banned from this message board. I'm normally perfectly happy to carry on conversations with people, even if I flat out disagree with them. But this is the kind of personal attacks that just can't be tolerated.

Sorry you think doomsday's just around the corner. See you in a few years when you're wrong.

Oh yeah... I'm Canadian.