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2003-Sep-15, 12:06 AM
Many discoveries have been made on the Moon, by astronomers as well as manned and unmanned space probes. In 1954 a huge bridgelike structure was seen over the Sea of Crisis by astronomer John O'Neill, former science editor of the New York "Herald Tribune". This oddity was confirmed by other leading astronomers who also saw it through their own telescopes. Some estimated it to be 12 miles long.
Of course, the key question is, was it a natural structure or of artificial construction? The eminent British astronomer H. P. Wilkins, head of the Lunar Section, British Astronomical Association, made this startling statement in a BBC radio program: "It looks artificial." When he was asked what he meant exactly by the term "artificial", Dr. Wilkins answered, "Well, it looks almost like an ENGINEERING JOB." This lunar expert added that it was more or less regular in outline, and even cast a shadow under a low Sun. He startled everyone when he exclaimed: "You can see the sunlight streaming in beneath it."
In the entire radio interview, not once did Wilkins refer to this structure as being a "natural" bridge. Instead, he used words which indicated that he thought it might be artificial. The fact that the bridge had not been seen before, although the area was well known and often studied, increased the possibility that it might indeed be a construction made by beings not of this world - and fairly recently.

2003-Sep-16, 01:35 AM
The moon has no air.....no atmosphere....I find it hard that anyone could have designed something so big without some sign of their presence. We probably would have seen something....constructing a 12 mile long bridge is not something you can do quickly, unless "their" technology is really advanced....

Dan Luna
2003-Sep-25, 04:43 PM
There is a Web site for this sort of thing:


Dave Mitsky
2003-Nov-05, 10:39 AM
There is no bridge, natural or artificial. See http://www.observingthesky.org/article.pl?...3/10/16/2348201 (http://www.observingthesky.org/article.pl?sid=03/10/16/2348201) for an explanation and images.

Dave Mitsky

2003-Nov-06, 04:29 AM
Dave, that's a great site! Thanks for posting it :)

2003-Dec-22, 07:30 AM
thanks dave - a great site! is it true that there is water-ice on the moon?

Dave Mitsky
2003-Dec-22, 10:53 AM
There is evidence of water ice in deep craters at the lunar poles. However, recent findings indicate it may not be as plentiful or as easily accessible as once thought. The future of a lunar colony depends on a source of water being present on the moon so let's hope that there is some to be had.

Dave Mitsky

2003-Dec-22, 04:30 PM
or the bills for bottle water will be astronomical...pardon the pun