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2003-Sep-15, 02:41 PM
I want to buy a 4 to 5 inch scope with remote control and remote viewing on the pc.
I was thinking of a Nexstar5 which comes with pc control ... but how to get the remote viewing - with a modified webcam? - How do you have remote control if you can't see through the telescope on the pc? - - - I don't understand all this :(

Any advice would be appreciated.
Please consider me an absolute beginner.
Cheers all.

2003-Sep-16, 02:58 PM
hi,as a former "absolute beginner",my advice is:
1. contact your local astronomical society or club and organise
an opportunity to have look at and through a few different 'scopes.
some people already have a set up like that,but usualy after some
experience with observing directly.
2. try to learn a bit about the night sky - without basic knowledge,
it will not work.
3. do not believe advertising - try it out for yourself -viz 1.

my first 'scope was a 8" f/6 dobsonian. I bought that after doing 1.that was in
2000.I learned a lot :what to look at,how to look ,when to look....
later on converted the mount to equatorial with a drive...and I am still
clear skies

2003-Sep-16, 08:38 PM
Hi Englishman,
Jenda1111 is right, pop along to your local society and find out from them. If you're not sure which is near you either look at the FAS (federation of astro socs) or look in the back of the yearbook of astronomy. (All this assuming you're not in exile somewhere!)

From what i've been told the Nexstar5 is a good scope and should cope with a web-cam without putting too much strain on the drive arm.

as for the remote viewing, i guess if you've aligned it correctly then once it's moved to the object you want to view the web-cam will pick up the image, after a short while. There is a group called quicag (i think) that deals with webcam astronomy. Their website should give you lots of info.

good hunting!

2003-Sep-16, 10:45 PM
Hi there,
"quicag" doesn't return anything. If you can think of the name that would be excellent.

I'm reasonably familiar with the night sky, it's the mechanics of slotting a webcam to a scope that I'm most concerned with.
The reason for this is that I want to mount the scope on my roof so I don't fancy getting the view I want and then clambering up to get a "proper" look.

Is there not a better, built-for-the-job option?
I guess a simple webcam wouldn't be that good.

Cheers all

2003-Sep-16, 11:20 PM
Hi there:

The Yahoo group you are looking for is called "QCUIAG" and the "Research and Downloads " section has plenty of information about converting webcams though they seem to be some particular models (which I for one can't seem to find in the stores here in Australia) which are more suitable.

Also the FAQ section is quite helpful

No I haven&#39;t myself modified a web cam (yet <_< )but there seem to be heaps of people out there doing this sort of stuff. (I have held up my webcam against the lowpower eyepiece of my 5 inch Dob and taken some satisfactory lunar pictures and some less than satisfactory views of Jupiter)

The July (?) or June (?) "Sky and Telescope" had an article on modifying webcams

Finally, for what you are after, Meade sells what they call an electronic eyepiece. I haven&#39;t used it myself but from the advertising spiel it seems to meet your needs, have you considered this? It is not all that expensive I think

Hope this helps

Dave Mitsky
2003-Sep-17, 07:01 AM
Webcams will not allow one to see deep-sky objects in real time. Electronic eyepieces are limited to planetary/lunar (and perhaps bright binary star) work.

Dave Mitsky

Dave Mitsky
2003-Sep-17, 07:11 AM
Some webcam web sites:





Dave Mitsky