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2003-Sep-16, 04:29 PM
SUMMARY: China is preparing to launch its first astronauts some time in October, according to people in Hong Kong. Both the Shenzhou-5 capsule and the Long March 2F launcher arrived at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in late August, and the two vehicles have been undergoing vehicle testing. The crew selection has been secretive, but it's believed that officials will choose three candidates when the launch nears and then the person in best condition on launch day will get to go into space.

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2003-Sep-17, 06:41 AM
Fahn Guai Loh say launch go chop-chop befo sno fall.Also need good weather
and visibility and nobody watching.Favor night launch 2 Oct 0900 GMT.

2003-Sep-17, 08:38 PM
I would love to see a new space race out of all of this. Wouldn't it be great if this is what started the next generation of manned expeditions?


imported_Neil Armstrong
2003-Sep-18, 04:00 AM
Just hope the launch goes well. We all know Chinese boosters aren't exactly the most reliable out there considering some of the launch disasters they've had in the past. It would be great to see a new space race emerge out of this though.

2003-Sep-18, 07:55 AM

Hi, Fraser,

Sorry to hear about the dead links. Also, apologies for sending you a duff one regarding UK Mars star parties, in August.

I know nothing of space flight preparation, and little of just how secretive/sensitive the Chinese authorities are. I'm going for my birthday, 20th October as a possible: its a Monday! Let's hope that, whenever they go, they get up and back in one piece.


Nick Sainsbury.