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2003-Sep-17, 12:06 AM
One of the strangest of all lunar reports comes out of Japan, where "Mainichi", one of Japan's largest newspapers, reported the unusual discovery of Dr. Kenzahuro Toyoda of Menjii University, who, while studying the Moon through a telescope on the night of September 29, 1958, spotted what appeared to be huge black letters, so pronounced they were easily discernible. The letters seemed to form two words: PYAX and JWA. No one to this day knows what these letters seen on the Moon mean or can give an explanation to the experience.
It should be emphasised that this is the kind of report made by observers whom the great British astronomer H. P. Wilkins, former director of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association, calls "people who have been observing the moon too long to be easily deceived." He adds, "In any case it is incredible that all (who reported strange happenings on Lunar) were the victims of hallucination. We must accept the records even if we cannot explain them. Our knowledge and opinions are the products of existence on the Earth; it is reasonable to suppose that on another planet conditions exist and events take place which have no counterpart on our planet." :rolleyes:

Dave Mitsky
2003-Nov-05, 10:36 AM
Regarding the "great" astronomer Wilkins see http://www.observingthesky.org/article.pl?...3/10/16/2348201 (http://www.observingthesky.org/article.pl?sid=03/10/16/2348201)

Dave Mitsky

2003-Nov-06, 04:35 AM
Bear in mind as well that these "sightings" took place about 50 years ago, at a time when the space race had barely begun and our knowledge of our nearest neighbours was laughable compared to what we know now.

At that time, many scientists still believed Venus was a tropical twin of the Earth and that dinosaurs could be roaming it's surface :lol:

2003-Nov-06, 04:58 PM
And where are those signs right now?

2003-Nov-08, 10:52 PM
My personal speculation is that the signs were placed there by the cloud fairies that built the face on Mars.

Clear skies.

2003-Nov-08, 10:54 PM
I thought it was the Easter Bunny! :P

2003-Dec-22, 07:34 AM
no no no don't you know its what santa claus does on the remaining 364.24 days of the year!!!

2003-Dec-22, 09:45 AM
Tsk! Tsk! Starrman - that's not your usual elegant analysis of some serious observations :(

Dan Luna
2003-Dec-22, 05:52 PM
If I ever open a burger shop I'm going to call it "PYAX JWA Burgers". :rolleyes:

2003-Dec-23, 03:53 AM
obvious question...what the...?

Dan Luna
2003-Dec-23, 05:08 PM
Well, having the name of your product displayed in big letters on the Moon has got to be worth a fortune. :lol:

2003-Dec-23, 05:18 PM
very true - or you could put the classic sign "eat at joes"

Dan Luna
2003-Dec-26, 03:14 PM
I've just been reading "Men of Other Planets" by Kenneth Heuer (1951) for a bit of light relief. There's a mind blowing account of the discoveries of Prof. W. H. Pickering (1858 - 1938) which is added to in "The Moon, a Biography" (2001) by David Whitehouse. Pickering was a professor at Harvard who produced early photographs of the gas clouds in Orion and one of the first useful photographic lunar atlases in 1904, but claimed to have seen some very strange things on the Moon, which he studied for many years. Heuer contains the classic line, "Pickering made exciting and unusual observations when he saw a snow storm develop on a peak of Pico, a well known pinnacle, and blizzards in several snow fields north of Conon". He also reported a change in the appearance of Jupiter as it passed behind the Moon, naturally concluding it was the effect of a thin atmosphere. Strangest of all were the changes of the crater Grimaldi to a greenish colour as the lunar day progressed, which he put down to vegetation such as moss or algae, and the movement of small dark patches across the crater Eratosthenes which he thought were probably swarms of insects hatching out at sunrise and going in search of food. Wow, what a fantastic sight that would be if only it were true! I can just see Neil Armstrong going down the ladder now, and hear those immortal words, "That's one small step for man, one hell of a big spider!" ;)