View Full Version : espace et l'univers

2003-Sep-18, 01:42 AM
Imagine that the space only exists in the univers. It is important to know that the space exists because of the matter that is there and we can measure matter. Let's get to the point. If we think about it, an intelligent entity who is somehow outside of the univers could see the univers as an endless thing because it is not limited by the space. I would like to know your opinion about it, or, if I am wrong correct me please.

2005-Oct-21, 08:23 AM
But how could there be an intelligent entity existing outside of the universe? If there was an intelligent entity existing that could observe the universe wouldn't that intelligent entity therefore be indubitably itself part of the universe?

2005-Oct-21, 09:17 AM
The word Universe. . . . All of every thing. and thats it.

Ken G
2005-Oct-22, 03:10 AM
To get an answer, you are going to have to explain what you mean by "universe", "entity", and "intelligence". In the process of defining these terms, you will find your answers.