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2003-Sep-18, 04:45 AM
My name is Todd Mikkelson. I live on the left coast of the USA...(see profile) Long time site reader, Gotta luv ya Frasier, hows the little nipper? I'm a low brow/ser web designer, and everything else I can manage... everybody can visit my site, yawn and get back to chatting... but I made it all myself :\ I've always followed everything I can absorb with one eye to the sky. Have seen lights in the sky I couldn't identify, but am far more interested in practical uses for gravity wells and ice on Europa than conspiracy theory... I'll be more busy asking stupid questions like; if the light we're seeing is 12 billion years old how can we be sure it's not us 12 billion years ago and we've just moved around to where the light went after it bounced off the edge of the "known" universe? I'm eternally thankful for the updates of things like "when Mercury is visible" because I get the opportunity to install some wonder in those I'm around. (especially my kid who just wonders if I'm just making it up)... Sooo I've only read a few pages here, like what I see. I am known as toddoldb1 or eggplant throughout the internet... (except at speakeasy.whatever) that's my friend/partner... Get back to clicking!

Meant to post this in the introduce yourself thread... It was my first post ;)