View Full Version : How do you change the time?

2003-Sep-18, 09:49 PM
On my personal information page, how do you change the time where it says "user's current time" or something like that. Mine's off by a long shot......

2003-Sep-19, 01:39 PM
Wind your watch back Deep_Eye.

2003-Sep-20, 01:37 AM
Do you mean the clock on the computer? Because if so I've already tried that, it didn't work.

2003-Sep-20, 10:43 PM
No I meant your watch.

2003-Sep-21, 05:32 PM
My watch is right, but say if you clicked my name "Deep_Eye" and the personal information page comes up, it says user's current time, thats off by a long shot, 5 hours last time I checked. There's no option anywhere to change it.

2003-Sep-24, 12:41 AM
At the top of the page you are reading right now is a link to 'my controls'.

- Click that and at the bottom of that page under 'options' is 'board settings'.
- Click that and pick your time zone etc.
- smile :D

2003-Sep-25, 10:26 PM
Thanks! :lol: