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2003-Sep-19, 01:34 AM
What is everyone's favorite Star Wars movie? Episode 1, 2, 4, 5, or 6?
I think Star Wars has a pretty good story line-well thought out. Anyway, though I'd asking because the shooting for Episode 3 started this summer! It's suppose to be in theaters 2005 I think, don't quote me though because I'm not positive.

2003-Sep-23, 09:51 AM
Yup... Summer 2005.

I'd have to say because I saw the original Star Wars on the big screen and it was one of the first movies I did see in a theater, that episode IV is my fave for sentimental reasons.

Of course I'm eagerly awaiting III as I have with EVERY other SW sequal/prequal.

2003-Sep-26, 05:06 AM
Oh boy, do I ever remember the first time I saw the original Star Wars on my 6th birthday LOL

Sentimental memories aside, I have to say The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite because it has everything... drama, pathos, love, a little comedy and (best of all) a dark and downbeat ending. Don't ask me why, but I don't like happy endings LOL

The biggest step forward between the original Star Wars and Empire was some real character development. And I can remember debating with my friends for 3 whole years as to whether Darth Vader was really Luke Skywalker's father or not. I thought he was lying... oh well LOL

As for the others, my least favourite is actually Return Of The Jedi... I even prefer The Phantom Menace over Episode VI. Why? One word: ewoks. Short, furry, cute teddy bears running around throwing sticks, stones and spears at stormtroopers and overthrowing an Empire? I don't think so!!! :blink:

Also, although it's plausible (in fact, necessary) that the Empire had started or planned construction of a second Death Star even before the first was operational, I thought the idea of using that as a central plot device for the final film was pretty lame... and Jabba's palace bored me.

Oh well *sigh*

That said, I can't wait for Ep III... I've heard the final duel where Anakin becomes scarred to the point where he needs a life support system, will pretty much guarantee the film a PG-13 rating...

I need to get out more LOL


2003-Sep-27, 10:33 PM
In the 3rd one, Obi-Wan will duel Anakin and will severly hurt him, so that he needs the suit. Episode 3 will tie the first two with 4 through 6. And yes, I'd heard it would be rated PG-13, but thats alright, as long as its good!

2003-Sep-28, 05:11 AM
I highly recommend http://www.theforce.net

It's got some meaty gossip on the next movie...

2003-Sep-29, 02:18 PM
Well I thought the last 2 movies were rubbish. And George Lucas's re-mastered versions of the original 3 were ridiculous. Having said that, the original (untampered) "Star Wars" is still great!

2003-Oct-01, 08:27 AM
What difficult choices. Each seems to be better then the one before. Except the second one, The Empire Strikes Back. That one was kind of lame, but Return of the Jedi made up for it.

Phantom Menace surprised me, and was better then I thought it would be.
However I think that one was too early to introduce R2 and 3PO.

Guess I'd go with Attack of the Clones. I've been wanting to see Yoda and the black Jedi council dude whup some ***, and whuping on Count Dougo just about fit the bill.

The very first one had the greatest impact without a doubt. Especially in shock value. Perhaps that is why the second one disappointed me. I was expecting it to be as grand as the first which in itself is a very hard act to follow.

2003-Oct-01, 11:42 AM
I never liked Star Wars when i firstly heard about it in primary....the 90's, coz i thought it was exactly like Star Trek. But i began to see first STar Wars movies on tv here this year and last year.
I saw Empire Strikes back in year 8, 2 years ago, at school:p
So yeah i think they're pretty coool, with a good story line.

2003-Oct-04, 05:01 AM
Everybody raves about Yoda jumping up and down like a cricket and waving his lightsabre around, but to be honest, I thought he looked very silly... I just thought it was totally unrealistic for him to be doing all those somersaults every time he jumped more than two feet into the air and *still* managing to match Dooku, blow for blow.

I know he's mean to be a Jedi Master, but all the same... I don't think so ;)

But then, George Lucas has gone on record as saying he makes the films for his pleasure and no one else's and if no one likes 'em... tough! LOL Gotta admire a man who's got so many millions in his pocket he can afford to do that...

...and can anyone come up with a decent reason why the Star Wars website needs banner adverts and a paying membership to raise money?? Hasn&#39;t Lucasfilm got enough? <_<

Just a thought...

2003-Oct-04, 07:19 AM
Good storyline my arse. Take away special effects and what are you left with?

2003-Oct-05, 05:26 AM
I&#39;m betting we find out Darth was a plant all along, one of the good guys... ;)
I was in Bakersfield for opening day of the first (IV) way back when. The big screen made all the difference.
And Kashi, you&#39;re usually so thoughtful... ;) She&#39;s gonna have twins, don&#39;t ya wanna know what she&#39;s gonna name them? :P
If you think the movies have no plot you obviously haven&#39;t played the video games yet.
My favorite? Could&#39;t say yet, definately could have lived without the ewoks.. I&#39;d have prefered intelligent slugs or something. I&#39;ve seen some banana slugs that were near large enough for the part.

2003-Oct-06, 12:26 AM
The ewoks were a very bad idea and a poor replacement for Wookies. Most fans know that Lucas originally intended that final battle to take place on the Wookie homeworld and that he intended the Wookies to have a primitive culture... but then, after writing in Chewbacca, he realised he&#39;d cornered himself.

I personally don&#39;t see why he couldn&#39;t have had it on the Wookie homeworld anyway. Just because Chewbacca knows how to fly a starship and fire a laser rifle, that doesn&#39;t necessarily mean his entire race does. He could have been taken away from his natural culture at an early age and placed in a technological society where he could have learnt such things.

Okay, I&#39;ve obviously spent waaaaaay too much time thinking this through LOL At the end of the day, almost anything would have been better than a bunch of teddy bears with sticks and stones.


Dave Mitsky
2003-Oct-08, 07:42 AM
Originally posted by Faulkner@Sep 29 2003, 02:18 PM
Well I thought the last 2 movies were rubbish. And George Lucas&#39;s re-mastered versions of the original 3 were ridiculous. Having said that, the original (untampered) "Star Wars" is still great&#33;
I agree. However, as far as cinema goes, The Empire Strikes Back is the best of the bunch.

Dave Mitsky

2003-Oct-08, 08:16 PM
"Empire" is good...but that Yoda muppet is a bit of a thorn in my side...?&#33; :angry:

2003-Oct-08, 11:05 PM
I M REALLY AMAZED,where do they get all this stuff has anyone seen how they make up some of this.

2003-Oct-10, 05:20 AM
Well Nelson, I live in the neighborhood of ILM and Lucasart, applied dozens of times over the years, and still haven&#39;t seen how they do it other than the trailers... I do know they don&#39;t pay very well... Being everyone wants in... But the how they do it information is available on the companion dvd&#39;s or you can bury yourself in their website ;)

2003-Oct-10, 06:12 AM
II but just the clone war scene at the end. I posted a review of a book, freedoms Ride, or somthing like that, It&#39;s all about Han Solo, and it would have to be my favorite Star Wars anything at the moment. It is interesting that a number of authors are working within the Star Wars universe, always good when it works

Empire was the ultimate series final, I"m glad I didn&#39;t see it till after Return of the Jedi. I am however turning into a Trekkie, it&#39;s just too long between Movies for me.
I love the Ethics in Star Trek, I&#39;ll leave it at that.

2003-Oct-12, 02:44 AM
Star Trek got boring... they were always going into the past...

2003-Oct-12, 08:40 PM
Originally posted by DippyHippy@Oct 12 2003, 02:44 AM
Star Trek got boring... they were always going into the past...
Totally agree with you. I can on longer get the exciting feeling from this series any more. Now it is not SF anymore. For me, it looks more close to a action shows. Why American entertainment always turns to this way? As same as the Star Wars. I miss the feeling of when I watching "The Empire Strikes Back".

2003-Oct-13, 01:28 AM
Tell me Anakin and his chick rolling around on the grassy hills isn&#39;t boring &#33;
Nemisis is probably as exciting as Star Trek could be, with it&#39;s tenuous attempt to stay true to reality, I would say it got as intellectual as any TV series can get, and good on it, who wants to watch Law and order or CSI, I&#39;d rather watch some guy who can morph (DSN) than cops and Lawyers. Just me though. :)

2003-Oct-13, 03:02 AM
LOL zeph... yeah I don&#39;t think many would complain if they&#39;d cut those scenes out of Ep II... as long as they didnt&#39; cut the bit where Padme&#39;s wearing that slinky, figure huggin&#39; low cut outfit next to the fireside... *faints*

2003-Oct-14, 06:38 PM
I&#39;m with zephyr46.
Nemisis was very exciting.
At one point I was sure that Picard was going to do the Picard Manouver, but surprise, he simply crashed the ship instead. I would have expected that from Worf. "Ramming speed&#33; This is a good day to dye&#33;" For those of you who remember that line.

I was distraught that they killed off Data.

2003-Oct-15, 12:55 AM
:( R.I.P DATA,
rooaar Padme, not that anyone in their right mind would wanna mess with anakins chick&#33; R.I.P clan O Sandpeople.
Of Star Trek, to actually see the Prime directive evolve and the events leading to it&#39;s developement and implimentation was getting good, but non of the video shops stock the 2nd series, and the few trekkies who I know point out that enterprise is out, Vulcans don&#39;t lie. I would still like to see the rest of enterprise. :)

2003-Oct-15, 02:25 AM
I saw Nemesis... I thought it was pretty good, but I did wonder how many times the crew of the Enterprise (in it&#39;s various incarnations) were gonna total the ship LOL They did it in III... then in VII... then they were going to blow the brand-spanking new one up in VIII... then they rammed it into another ship in X...

Picard&#39;s starship insurance must be astromical&#33;&#33; (Ha ha, sorry, couldn&#39;t resist)

Starfleet Command must worry whenever they send him out and shares in Lloyds of London must plummet.

"Do try not to wreck it this time, Picard" :P