View Full Version : When did this edition (9/19) arrive?

2003-Sep-19, 05:12 PM
Hey Frasier:

My 9/19 edition of Universe Today arrived on 9/19 at 10:25AM EDT.


2003-Sep-19, 08:07 PM
Then you've got a time machine... I haven't sent it out yet.

2003-Sep-20, 01:17 AM
[FONT=Arial][SIZE=7][COLOR=green] Hi! Just received Sept 19 edition of Universe Today...9:10pm...Ontario, Canada. Love this newsletter, by the way....awesome pix in the gallery!

2003-Sep-21, 04:22 AM
The 9-19 edition was also withing an hour of you sending it.

2003-Sep-24, 06:57 PM
This hasn't anything to do per se with the 9-19 issue, however it my be related to the E-mail delay.

I received issues 685 and 686 on the same day, less then 2 hours apart, but here's the catcher. Issue 686 was received first at 3:42 PM (Your time I think) on the 23rd.

Then at 5:24 PM on the same date I got issue 685 which should have come in the day before.

I let you figure it out, but it was a little unusual. :)

2005-Oct-21, 09:55 AM
Maybe some sort of network delirium caused this flux, or perhaps a wobble in the space-time continuum?