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2003-Sep-21, 06:58 PM
I have a really cool image of the ENTIRE universe (as accurate as we can tell) on my computer. However, for avatar's you can only have 20 kilobytes max for memory. It's an ok type-Gif, but about 84k in size. Does anyone know how I can scale this down and use it for my avatar?

2003-Sep-21, 07:15 PM
Email it to me, I can bring it down for you. info@universetoday.com

2003-Sep-23, 12:32 AM
Thanks. I emailed it. :) The picture is generated from a super computer, in case you were wondering.

No One Is For Me
2003-Sep-23, 10:00 PM
Can I see this picture?

2003-Sep-25, 10:12 PM
As soon as Fraser scales it down, and sends it back to me, I'll post it as my avatar, and then everyone will be able to see it. :)

2003-Sep-25, 10:16 PM
I didn't get the picture Deep_eye, can you try again? info@universetoday.com

2003-Oct-17, 05:32 AM
This one ? (http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/SCMS/Metascience/Articles/cosmology.html)

Dan Luna
2003-Oct-17, 06:34 PM
On a Windows PC, you can use the Stretch / Skew option in Paint.