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2003-Sep-22, 08:52 PM
SUMMARY: Astronomers were searching for planets around nearby star Epsilon Indi when they discovered something unusual. A previously-known brown dwarf star orbiting Epsilon Indi has a companion of its own. This new companion, known as Epsilon Indi Bb, orbits the larger brown dwarf (Epsilon Indi Ba) at a distance of only 2.2 astronomical units. Both objects are part of a new class of stars called T-dwarfs; they have diameters similar to Jupiter but have significantly more mass.

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2003-Sep-23, 04:32 PM
Now that's interesting,
How in the world (Universe) do you get a brown dwarf binary? Was this ever imagined when they started computer simulations of star formation? It seems the brown dwarves are actually as diverse as stars if you try to classify them. What does this tell us about the formation of brown dwarves?

2003-Sep-24, 06:49 PM
A brown dwarf orbiting a brown dwarf, and the both orbiting a small G class star.
And only 11 L.Y. at that. That would be a worthy 'go see' trip. :)

Will the wonders never cease? I sure hope not. :P