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2003-Sep-23, 07:20 PM
SUMMARY: I made a couple of improvements to Universe Today yesterday, including "Printer-friendly pages". At the bottom of any article on the site now is a link to a printer version of the article. I've done a couple of tests and it looks pretty good on my laser printer. Please let me know if you have any problems with it.

A bigger change, however, is that I'm going to be moving the site to a dedicated server in the next few days. It's a pretty big time commitment, so there might be some delays.

Oh, and I removed that black background on the newsletter - it was making it difficult for people to just reply to the newsletter if they wanted to send me an email. And I like to receive email. :-)


Fraser Cain
Universe Today

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2003-Sep-23, 07:21 PM
I tested it. It works allright. The article looks perfect on paper. Pretty cool.

Rick Hunter
2003-Sep-24, 11:10 AM
I liked losing the black background. :rolleyes: On my system the black loads first as a full page, then mostly goes away as the page appears over it. This slows down loading the whole page with my dial-up internet! By the way it also slows down the web page :( .

Thanks for all the work. I do at least glance at it almost every day and learn a lot

Rick Hunter