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2003-Sep-26, 04:27 PM
SUMMARY: Boeing has picked Dr. Joe Mills to lead their research into the Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter program for NASA. This ambitious spacecraft will use a nuclear reactor to power an ion engine - it will be so powerful and efficient that it will be able to put itself into orbit around the various moons of Jupiter. The initial research phase is only a $6 million contract to investigate various technology options for the reactor, ion engine, and power conversion. NASA will choose a primary contractor for the mission in 2004.

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2003-Sep-26, 06:16 PM
Question: What kind of thrust did Galeleio(sp) use? And, Just how much thrust does this Nuclear/ion engine produce in comparison to Galeleio's engine?


2003-Sep-29, 05:01 AM
Will JIMO be able to upgrade itself? anyone heard of any plans for a resupply strategy for these sort of probes? We can launch landers, and the orbiting craft relays the info, JIMO should carry some micro satelites that orbit the main moons, and JIMO act as a mothership/relay station. If Galilao were still there JIMO could have sent a repair droid that could have refueled and upgraded the hardware. Well thats what I think.