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2003-Sep-26, 05:40 PM
SUMMARY: From the instant of the Big Bang to right now, A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson chronicles how we ended up where we are - and how we figured it all out. Fraser reviews this 500+ page book about pretty much everything.

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Al in Virginia
2003-Sep-26, 08:14 PM
It is curious to see this review here because I just walked into my study to check my email for today's Universe Today and I was carrying my mail which had just been delivered to my post box out front. In it I had found the rented book-on-tape of "A Short History of Everything" which I had ordered last week. It is an unabridged version (13 tapes long). It looked like a fun book when I found it online at booksontape.com. There is an abridged version of it on tape and CD also. But that sounded comical (an abridged short history of nearly everything) so I am glad to have found the complete version.

There are not too many science oriented unabridged books on tape available. A lot of history books, but not much science type stuff... This book sounds kind of like a history of science and how it all got figured out.

2003-Sep-26, 09:08 PM
An abridged version would be hilarious!