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2003-Sep-28, 04:27 AM
SUMMARY: Europe's first mission to the Moon, SMART-1, lifted off successfully on board an Ariane-5 rocket Saturday evening. The rocket launched from the Guiana Space Centre at 2314 GMT (7:14 pm EDT) carrying SMART-1 and two other satellites. The spacecraft has deployed its solar arrays, and is currently undergoing an initial checkout of its systems to make sure that everything's working properly. Its ion engine will begin accelerating the spacecraft towards the Moon on October 4th, but it's going to be a long trip - it won't arrive until March 2005.

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2003-Sep-28, 01:25 PM
A step forward. 5 times cheaper and running on solar energy. What do you want more? I think the Moon is a perfect place to go to. We all think the Moon is familiar, but actually we don't know much about the Moon. Hopefully SMART-1 can help us more.