View Full Version : Space Commemorative Coins

John M. Burt
2003-Sep-30, 05:40 AM
The fifty commemorative quarters, one for each state. being issued by the U.S. Treasury are proving immensely popular. So much so that there is talk of a new series to replace them when the fiftieth coin is issued in 2008.

I think the best choice for a new series would be NASA mission patches. The designs are attractive, historically important and most of them are more or less circular.

Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, STS . . . . So few missions total, over forty-odd years. Let's honor the pioneers of space exploration on our currency.

2003-Oct-09, 01:54 AM
Absolutely a great idea!! I teach high school chem, physics and astronomy. ALL of my quizes and tests have spaceflight trivia bonus questions. I am always dismayed at how little our children know about the most positive program our nation supports.

2003-Dec-24, 03:38 AM
i would be interested in these collectors items, is it possible to receive some?

2003-Dec-24, 11:08 PM
Yeah, I think a set would be great too... how do we go about harrassing the government to consider it?