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2003-Sep-30, 06:34 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has rejected a warning from the outgoing members of its Aerospace Safety Advisory panel that the International Space Station is an "accident, waiting to happen." Space station manager William Gerstenmaier said on Monday that all the teams working on the station need to have focus and attention to detail, but it's not seriously dangerous. The safety panel pointed out that the battery pack on the station could accidentally vent into the station, which would be catastrophic - NASA acknowledged it was a risk and the Russians will be providing a safer battery design.

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2003-Oct-02, 04:47 AM
I hope NASA is right and not spending more money on spin doctors than science, if the ISS goes down, we will be back to the 90s, where space ended with the sky. While the ISS is as uninteresting as it is, a accident would probably spell the end to NASA of manned spaceflight. I often wonder why America dosen't talk about skylab very much, Mir certainly demonstraited what humans are capable of in space.
Maybe the arguement needs to be restated, "why go to space when we can't get it right down here?". If the world isn't fed, clothed, medicated and housed, space travel is just an insult. Zephyr46