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2003-Sep-30, 09:19 PM
SUMMARY: The Sea Launch arrived at the equator in the Pacific Ocean on the weekend, and began the 72-hour countdown to the launch of the Galaxy XIII/Horizons-1 satellite on board a three-stage Zenit-3SL rocket. If all goes well, the rocket will lift off on October 1 at 0403 GMT (12:03am EDT) and carry the satellite to a high perigee geosynchronous transfer orbit. Once it reaches its final destination, the satellite will provide data, television, and voice communication services to North America.

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2003-Oct-01, 03:29 AM
I wouldn't want to risk sounding negative... It just seems like they could have taken more than one rocket on those big ships... I just think that because when I used to do some commercial salmon fishing off northern California, I'd see tankers and container ships blast by us carrying hundreds of those containers that make up train cars... Of course that would require more funded projects to launch... Hmm Guess I'm happy there launching one... well launch is 40 minutes away at this typing. Guess I'll watch.