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2003-Oct-03, 06:09 PM
SUMMARY: Orbital Sciences announced on Thursday that they have been given an $11 million contract by the US Air Force to launch a classified satellite payload on a Minotaur rocket. Three other payloads are currently scheduled to launch on Minotaur rockets, which are rebuilt Minuteman ICBMs for the first and second stages, and then the third and fourth stages are from a Pegasus XL rocket. The launch is scheduled for 2005.

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2003-Oct-04, 04:13 AM
I have a question about the amount of "stuff" up there. At what point is there going to be too much? I heard that if earth were viewed through a telescope from other planets a distinct ring would be visible. like around jupiter etc ... so has there been any forecast made of when someone is going to have to send something up to get all these pieces of space junk ??? hmm .. maybe there's a business in that?

2003-Oct-23, 01:00 AM
Have yopu seen the satelites ?
J-Track (http://science.nasa.gov/RealTime/JTrack/3D/JTrack3d.html)
We almost have a ring with them alone !