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Dott. Amrit Sorli
Dott. Kusum Sorli
Osho Miasto Institute
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Einstein emphasises in his work (1918-1930) that space has its physical properties; gravitational force was attributed to space. Greene emphasises in his book "The Elegant Universe" that the total entropy of the Universe sums to zero. These two ideas open new views on the interaction between matter and space as well as the evolution of life and human consciousness.
Key words: space, matter, life, entropy, evolution, Greene, Einstein

Einstein says: No space or portion of space (can be conceived of) without gravitational potentials; for these give it its metrical properties without which is not thinkable at all. The existence of the gravitational field is directly bound up with the existence of the space (1).
He came to conclusion that space can be the origin of the matter. In his article “The Concept of Space” in Nature from 1930 he would say: We have now come to the conclusion that space is the primary think and matter only secondary; we may say that space, in revenge for its former inferior position, is now eating up the matter (2).
In his book “Einstein and the Ether” Ludwik Costro comments: What a fundamental change in Einstein’s views! Having started from denial of the existence of space and time, he finally came to the conclusion that four-dimensional space (the space-time continuum) constitutes a reality ontologically primary even to matter. At this point, he believed that matter was born from space-time (3).
According to the first law of thermodynamics one can assume that in the universe energy cannot be created or destroyed; the sum of the energy of matter and the energy of space is always constant: E matter (Em) + E space (Es) = E constant (Ek). In the first moment after the big bang Em = 0, Eg = Ek. In the subsequent moments of the inflation phase Es is structured into Em, and the transformation is over when Es and Em are balanced: Eg = Em (Es = Ek/2, Em = Ek/2). With the formation of black holes, the transformation of Em into Es starts, Em is falling towards zero (Em --> 0), Es is rising towards Ek (Es --> Ek). With the disintegration of matter into space the amount of energy of space is increasing. This process increases the gravitational forces between galaxies. The speed of expansion of the universe is decreasing, at a certain point the expansion stops and the universe starts to collapse into an enormous black hole that then explodes into a new big bang. Big bangs are cyclic (4).
That big bangs are cyclic is also predicted by the cosmologic theory of Turok from Cambridge and Steinhardt from Princeton (5).
The energy of matter and of space are in a dynamic equilibrium (further on only DE). DE is a basic universal law. The DE between gravitational and tangential forces make it possible for planets to orbit around the sun, the water circulation "ocean-evaporation-clouds-rain-rivers-ocean" is in DE, life circles of fauna and flora are in DE.
The universe is a self-renewing system that has no beginning and will have no end. The increase of the entropy of matter after the big bang is only temporary and does not affect the total entropy of the universe. The total entropy of the universe sums to zero.
Gravity conserves entropy; for example, in the cosmic gravitational collapse of the "Big Crunch", the total heat loss and entropy of the Universe is reversed; in such a case, the total entropy of the Universe sums to zero. Gravity replaces positive spatial entropy with a metrically equivalent positive temporal entropy; spatial expansion is reduced because it funds the temporal component of the total entropy equation (6).
In the universe the entropy of matter is continuously increasing and the entropy of life is continuously decreasing. The total entropy of the universe sums to zero. From this point of view the evolution of life can be understood as a process that is continuously developing towards a total entropy of the universe.
The relationship between life as a continuous negentropic process and the total entropy of the universe that sums to zero can be described using the following equation:

Y = f (X)

Y stands for the evolution of life
X stands for a total entropy of the universe that sums to zero

entropy diagram

According to the understanding above the evolution of life is a consistent part of the evolution of the universe and occurs in the whole universe. Evolution on the planet Earth is a part of a wider universal process.

Materials and Methods
This idea is supported by the discovery of basic organic molecules necessary for the development of life in the whole of observable space. Universal space is in the phase of chemical evolution which on Earth has continued into biological evolution (7).
Several experiments confirm that functioning of living organism is related to the gravitational field, it means to the universal space.
Spaceflight induces a cephalad redistribution of fluid volume and blood flow within the human body and space motion sickness, which has a problem during first few days of spaceflight, could be related to these changes in fluid status and in blood flow of the cerebrum and vestibular system (8).
In weightlessness there is a decreased activity of spinal ganglia neurons of the hypothalamic nuclei producing arginine, vasopressin and growth hormone releasing factor. Structural changes of the somatosensory cortex and spinal ganglia suggest a decreased afferant flow to the somatosensory cortex in microgravity. The results characterise the mechanisms of structural adaptation to a decreased afferant flow in microgravity by the neurons in the hemisphere cortex and brain stem nuclei. So, under microgravity there is a neuron hypoactivity (9).
Microgravity has a direct influence on bone fracture healing because of poor production of bone callus in microgravity: there is an increase volume of osteoid and a decrease in the number and activity of osteoblasts (10).
Experiment carried out at the University of Lubiana, Slovenia in 1987-1988 with Californian worms (Latin name is: Lumbricus Teresticus) shows that the weight of living Californian Worms greater than of the same dead ones; gravitational force of the cosmic space is stronger on the living worms than on the same dead ones (11).
Research done by Penrose and Hameroff suggest that the force of quantum gravity acting on the mass of neurones within the brain may be responsible for the emergence of consciousness. The process is fundamentally related to the influence of quantum gravity on microtubule networks within the neurones (12,13) .

It seems that universal space is the origin of material universe as well as of life and human consciousness. The universe is physically homogeneous, the physical circumstances for the development of life are equal in the whole of universal space. In the universe there are many solar systems with planets similar to ours. Life could also have developed there. Probably we are not alone in this vast universe.
Kompanichenko says: Approximately four billion years ago, living systems appeared on Earth and formed the superstructure over the lower organized geochemical systems. The simplest organisms were characterized by availability of unique mechanism that permitted them to transform actions from outside world and to return strengthened /expedient counteraction back into the environment. Giving an energetic profit from this exchange, living beings in fact extract free energy from the environment and accumulated it. The forms of life , which lost the ability for the active extraction, in the long run were eliminated by natural selection. Using one more unique quality - regular self-renovation, living system step-by-step complicated and transformed the planetary medium into an environment. The extraordinary complicated human civilization is the top of this process. Both animate and inanimate natural systems of the universe are interrelated by the deepest universal processes and regularities. This shows unity of nature and allows us to support the opinion that life should be the widespread phenomenon in the cosmos (14).
Krall says: There are some hints that life could have been brought to earth from elsewhere in our solar system or even galaxy. Life tends towards more complexity but Homo Sapiens is not the pride of creation but rather an accident in evolution. Humans may disappear as they have come but evolution will continue. Life as such is not an accident but a function of our universe (15).

The universe is a self-renewing system in dynamic equilibrium. Evolution of life is a continuation of evolution of the universe. The main impulse for the development of life is a total entropy of the universe that sums to zero. All over the universe life is developing towards conscious species. Consciousness is a phenomenon that is closest to the zero entropy of the universe.

Dott. Amrit Sorli, Dott. Kusum Sorli


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Maybe we've found the meaning to life. Maybe this is the reason we are here alive.

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;) It is absolutly obvious.WE are form of energy and we are form part of Universe even ocupy part of its space and time.For sure in the same orchard must be the place where the same proces happenning at the same moment,but is it is not significant ....and there is no reason to be so exited.