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2003-Oct-07, 06:12 PM
SUMMARY: The Chinese might be days away from launching their first humans into space, according to various experts and insiders. Normally quiet about future launch plans, the Chinese government is starting to make more comments about what could happen soon - the launch could happen as early as this weekend, but others believe the launch won't happen before October 15 as government officials are in a series of meetings and would like to be present for the launch. All of the astronauts (or yuhangyuan) are at the launch facility and the Shenzhou 5 spacecraft has been mated to the top of its Long March rocket.

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2003-Oct-08, 02:24 PM
The Chinese also plan to send a man to the moon in the near future. Could this be the beginning of another space race? Hopefully space trave and astrology will spark interest again in people.