View Full Version : Nit-picking, mealy-mouthed pedantry

2003-Oct-08, 08:31 AM

oh, dear!

The English - well this Englishman - and their need for formal correctness. Here goes...

In your item on Our Final Hour by Sir Martin Reece, you refer to him as the 'Astronomy Royal'. It should be Astronomer Royal.

This is sent in a spirit of friendly, helpful advice, not of scornful criticism, Fraser. I'm really enjoying Universe Today.

With respectful regards,


2003-Oct-08, 04:35 PM
Oops. :-) I've fixed it.

2005-Oct-21, 09:44 AM
As an Australian, I wonder if he is then our `Astronomer Royal` as well, given we are (& you Canadians out there as well) still a constitutional monarchy down here.

something i'll definitely have to look into.