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2003-Oct-09, 06:45 PM
SUMMARY: NASA has picked Allied Aerospace to continue the development of its X-34C experimental aircraft. The $150 million contract will have Allied create three flight-ready demonstrator vehicles that will fly more than 8,000 kilometres per hour; or seven times the speed of sound. The vehicle is intended to demonstrate a working scramjet engine, which pulls part of its fuel from the air - making it smaller and more efficient. The demonstration aircraft will be launched atop a Pegasus rocked and raised to Mach 5; then they'll disengage and speed up to Mach 7 under their own power.

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T. J. Mulich
2003-Oct-09, 06:48 PM
There's no way that Allied Aero. is going to be able to make 3 flight ready demostrators for $150M. Granted a lot of work has been done, but not enough. I have worked on single spacecraft that cost a lot more than this.

2003-Oct-10, 03:59 AM
Are these guys going to be using the aussie scramjet technology or stating over? or have they been doing their own research?

2003-Oct-10, 06:59 AM
I think it would be easier for them to use our (Aussie) scramjet technology, at least our research. Just another way we Aussies help with space.