View Full Version : Quick, happy correction from Salon

2002-Sep-17, 02:22 PM
"Leonard Cassuto's Sept. 16, 2002, story "Big trouble in the world of "Big Physics" incorrectly stated that the space shuttle Challenger's O-rings "froze stiff in the upper atmosphere" when in fact they froze on the ground. The story has been corrected. Salon regrets the error.
[Correction made 9/16/2002]"


Salon had a great article on apparent data fabrication by Dr. Jan Hendrik Schön and he made a passing reference to what happens (this sounds like a Fox TV special) WHEN PHYSICS GOES BAD and mentioned that the O-rings on Challenger "frozen in the upper atmosphere" and ultimately caused its demised.

Not to toot my own horn (well, okay, toot-toot! toot-toot!) I mentioned that they had frozen on the ground, overnight and that they wouldn't freeze in the -very- transitory period in the "upper atmosphere" - the author made a quick correction, and sent me a short note thanking me for pointing it out.

I like a guy like this who is interested in the truth even though it was a point quite secondary to his article.