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2003-Oct-16, 05:10 PM
SUMMARY: China’s first astronaut, Yang Liwei, emerged triumphantly from his Shenzhou 5 capsule yesterday after spending nearly 21 hours in space. The spacecraft landed in Inner Mongolia at 2223 GMT Wednesday (6:23 pm EDT); only a few kilometers from its intended landing spot. Liwei exited the vehicle within 30 minutes of landing and was perfectly healthy. Details about China’s future spaceflight plans are starting to emerge and could include another Shenzhou flight within a year or two. They’re also working on ideas for a space station and will probably send an unmanned probe to the Moon within a few years.

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Leigh Smith
2003-Oct-17, 06:45 PM
I think its great that China has put a man in space. They seem to have a very positive attitude towards space and their plans for a spacestation and a moonbase sound very interesting. I'm getting a bit sick of seeing very negative comments on the net about China's space plans, people are very paranoid about the military implications of China's bold moves. It's a pity more countries didn't spend their money on peaceful spaceflight rather than wars. It's a digrace that humans have neglected the Moon for so long. How can we colonize Mars when we don't even have a base on the moon? I hope more countries start showing more interest in peaceful space travel.

2003-Oct-19, 10:15 AM
I hope there will be some healthy combination of competition and cooperation. Maybe China will join in on the first manned Mars mission even.

2008-Oct-27, 10:45 AM
It's funny that despite of all problems with human rights in Chine, when it comes to technology and money all that is forgotten. Chinese space program is a flagship of the governement, a proof that Communism works, just like in old Soviet empire. I wouldn't be surprised if some other countries would be using the Chinese space program to do experiments and new improvements, after all, the chinese spacecraft is an improved version of the Soviet Soyuz.