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2003-Oct-17, 04:22 PM
SUMMARY: New research from NASA shows that glaciers in the Patagonia region of South America are thinning out at an accelerated rate. Researchers compared data from the recent space shuttle topography mission in 2000 against historical surveys from the 1970s and 90s. The Patagonia glaciers are losing mass faster than other icefields, such as those in Alaska, which are five times larger. This different rate of melting is important, because it helps researchers understand some of the factors that could contribute other than just overall global climate change.

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2003-Oct-18, 07:21 PM
i think there is a specific reason why glaciers in patagonia are melting faster than those in alaska, or anywhere in the northern hemisphere. i think that the core of the earth is slightly off balance and more heavily waited in the south due to the meteor hit that formed hudson bay, which in turn started the formations of the oceans as we know them. the core is nearer the surface, and thus the mantle is hotter, in the southern hemisphere. these facts are, of course, all related.

between 250 and 300 million years ago, a heavy metal meteor punctured the surface at hudson bay, and lodged slightly south of the previous core center. the earth started growing at a relatively rapid rate after that. the growth has been documented by the ocean floor, which is all less then 300 million years old. the lower portion of the earth has grown at a noticeably faster rate than the northern hemisphere in that time. that is evidenced by the oceans being so much larger in the southern hemisphere. the fact that those oceans are warmer than those in the north also supports this idea. so i think that any glaciers in the southern portion of the globe will melt faster than those in the northen hemisphere.