View Full Version : Why do people call space a vacuum?

2003-Oct-18, 02:05 PM
I'm just curious why they always call it that?
I don't think it sucks people into some invisible place :rolleyes:

2003-Oct-19, 02:02 AM
Well the concept of a vacuum on Earth, is an area of space that has lower air pressure compared to its surrounds (or no air pressure). Matter will be "sucked" into this vacuum until the air pressure reaches equilibrium (all particles tend to roughly evenly distribute themselves within a given space as they rapidly move, vibrate and collide).

Space has no air, and therefore no air pressure, making it the greatest vacuum of all. Fortunately, the Earth's gravity prevents our atmosphere from being sucked into space.

2003-Oct-19, 05:04 AM
Thanks for that kashi :)

2003-Oct-19, 08:36 AM
Actually, eveything will be "blown" out .. not sucked out.

2003-Oct-19, 08:41 AM
I imagine space as being something thick...it doesn't have any air, but it would feel like you are travelling through something thick.
I haven't been up into space, so i wouldn't know if this is true.

2003-Oct-19, 09:47 AM
Well there are molecules out there, and other particles, it's not a perfect vacuum at all, but it's not so much that you would feel it.