View Full Version : Discussion: Integral Uncovers Hidden Black Holes

2003-Oct-20, 07:40 PM
SUMMARY: The European Space Agencyís Integral gamma-ray observatory has discovered what seems to be a new classification of astronomical objects; black holes shrouded within a cloud of cold gas. Integral spotted the first one of these objects earlier this year, and deduced that itís a black hole or neutron star orbiting a massive star Ė but why hadnít it been discovered before? This mystery led ESA astronomers to suspect that the black hole had whipped up a shell of obscuring gas, which blocked all but the most energetic radiation.

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2003-Oct-28, 09:13 PM
From one who belives that cost is worth the knowlegde and further wonder. Because as we know the more we see and interpret the less we understand.

I vote CHILE. Go there often and would love to tour another telescope site