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2003-Oct-22, 04:22 PM
SUMMARY: Nuna II, a Dutch car using European Space Agency technology, has won the World Solar Challenge; a 3010 km race that crosses Australia. The car set off from Darwin on October 19, and completed the race in only 30 hours, 54 minutes - it hit a top speed of 110 km/h. Nuna II was built with technologies adopted from various space missions, including a carbon-fibre composite body, high conversion solar panels, and technology that maximizes the power delivered from car's panels and batteries.

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2003-Oct-22, 10:06 PM
Glad to see that this story is making news outside Australia!

2003-Oct-23, 07:17 AM
I agree Kashi, pity though that the Australian entry didn't win. Anyone know the official site for more indepth results?