View Full Version : Two copies of UT today

2003-Oct-23, 03:06 AM
Hi Fraser, I got two emails today which has never happened before and just wanted to let you know there could be some bug :rolleyes: in the system
for some reason I couldnt email you

2003-Oct-23, 05:06 AM
It happens. I've been experimenting for the last few weeks to figure out the best way to send out the newsletters. Sometimes people get two... or more... copies. The big problem is that lots of people aren't getting the newsletter at all. I hope to have it all resolved shortly, but it's been driving me crazy so far.

2003-Oct-25, 08:23 AM
Fraser, couldn't you create another email list, a smaller one, to which you send out UT using various techniques of sending out UT. Those accounts would need to be of various types, POP, Hotmail, Yahoo, ect. You could then work out which technique works for all the mail servers that UT subscribers use.

2003-Oct-25, 07:22 PM
That's kind of what I've been doing. The bottom line seems to be that there are problems with Hotmail and Yahoo that cause emails to jam up. I thought it was me, but it's them. So, no matter what system I use it'll still happen. The best method is a program I use which slowly sends the troublesome emails out over time while sending the responsive ones quickly. It's working well.

I'd move away from Hotmail, though, if I was serious about reading my email.

2003-Oct-26, 04:30 AM
Is it the 'spam' factor? I have a POP email account and use Outlook, and some of your emails are 'spam' yet others aren't.

2003-Dec-20, 05:45 PM
I have Hotmail and aren't having any problems....conspiracy perhaps???? :ph34r:

2003-Dec-20, 07:15 PM
I'm pretty sure they've resolved the problem now. My emails are going out well.