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2003-Oct-24, 07:30 PM
SUMMARY: New images of shrinking sea ice may provide further evidence that the Earth is undergoing significant climate change. NASA scientists compared images of arctic sea ice since 1981 and have measured that it's shrinking by an average of 9% per decade - summer sea ice in 2002 was a record low levels. The loss of ice could accelerate global warming because liquid water absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it like ice.

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2003-Oct-26, 04:26 AM
We&#39;ve had climate fluctuations before (ice ages ect). But is this a &#39;fluctuation&#39;? Will the Earth recover from this climate change, as it has before. Or do we humans have to be eradicated before the Earth will become balanced agian? <_<

2003-Oct-26, 09:43 AM
The climate has always changed even before we entered the scene. I am sure we alter the climate too, but to what extent? And how much is "natural"?

2003-Oct-27, 08:24 AM
We don&#39;t know Parker. But the Earth heals itself, hopefully. I believe the ozone hole is shrinking.

A good ice age would fix the Earth up.

2003-Oct-27, 10:38 AM
Technology has always and will always have an impact on the nature around us, but we have an impact even without it. I do think though that it is possible to maintain a high-tech culture and still disturb the nature as little as possible. The important thing is that the planet is kept habitable for us humans.

2003-Oct-28, 06:27 AM
It is possible, but we&#39;d have to invent more technology to reduce pollution. But we&#39;ll never not affect the environment. Everytime you go camping, you affect the environment, every time you go for a drive you affect the environment, ect.

But yes, we can limit our affect to the environment. I just hope it isn&#39;t too late to start. :o

2003-Oct-28, 09:26 AM
No I believe that we sometime will realize that we must do something about it. Even the industrialized countries still burn oil and coal for energy production&#33; It would be far better for everyone if we replaced it with nuclear power, at least until we figure out fusion.

Ion Drive
2003-Oct-28, 11:20 PM
Actually a lot of time has passed since the last ice ages, more than separated each 2 of the last few ice ages, so the next one seems to be overdue.
But don&#39;t think artificial greenhouse effect and the coming of the next ice age will add to zero in total climatic change; new scientific reports suggest that the current ratio of temperature increase per decade is at least 10 and probably 100 times as fast as the decrease which would be expected from the beginning of a new ice age&#33;
And the problem is less the overall climate change but the results of "more energy in the atmosphere": stronger hurricanes, more tornados, ugly floods happening more often (like that huge one in central europe in summer &#39;02 or those who already happen regularly in countries like Bangladesh), and more and bigger thunderstorms with more lightnings which will start more fires in forests that are more and more dried up after summer each year... take a look at news from california if you don&#39;t believe that&#33;

Also, since Earth should (at least from a statistical point of view) be cooling down at this very moment, it could be argued that MORE than 100% of the recent global warming is manmade...